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Oro Valley Podcast

May 20, 2020

Bill Rodman discusses issues facing Oro Valley: budget 2020/2021; preserve Vistoso; 885 annexation; public safety importance...etc


May 16, 2020

Why did the virtual meeting regarding the amendment to the General Plan regarding the former Vistoso Golf Course go so wrong. Meeting on May 14, 2020

Apr 21, 2020

Tim Bohen, provides us with his opinion on the recent request to develop the Golf Club at Vistoso property 

Apr 17, 2020

Bill Beard, recently submitted, an  op Ed piece in the Green Valley news. Bill discusses his article and his thoughts as to what we can do as soon as possible the quarantine is lifted.


In addition, Bill feels that we should start organizing now between the different towns to have a concerted approach to open the small...

Apr 16, 2020

Candidate Rhonda PiƱa for Pima County district one supervisor discusses her qualifications and thoughts about working with small businesses if she is elected.

Her website is: